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How To Know If Your Metabolism Is Not Optimal?

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There are so many reasons for slow metabolism. But how does a slow metabolism affect you? People who have issues with their metabolism often suffer from various health issues. They face difficulties in the body, in temperature regulation, energy levels, and maintaining a healthy weight. All these things make a huge difference in the overall well-being of a person.

It is essential to identify metabolic damage (ระบบ เผา ผลาญ พัง, which is the term in Thai) and take precautions to prevent it from worsening. Check for these warning signs regularly!

1.    Weight Gain:

It is proven by studies that metabolism contributes to weight gain. If your body slows your calorie conversion, fewer calories are burnt from the same amount of food, and your body stores fatter.

2.    Fatigue:

If you have metabolic damage, you will feel tired throughout the day. Your energy levels will be significantly lower with a slow metabolism. Some health issues can cause fatigue, and a company slows down your metabolic activities.

3.    Difficulty Losing Weight:

A slow metabolism leads to weight gain and makes it challenging to lose weight. Compared to people who take a proper diet and exercise well, a person with a slow metabolism will shed weight comparatively lower than a person with an optimal metabolism.

4.    Dry Skin:

Our metabolic process is controlled by certain hormones. If the process is affected due to these hormones, its result will also be seen as dry and cracked skin. You may feel your skin feeling itchy, dry, or oily. You may even get acne or feel like your skin is discolored or pale.

5.    Hair Loss:

Any inefficiency of metabolism directly affects our skin and hair. Metabolic issues affect our body’s nutrient intake and make it difficult for our hair to access the required nutrients. This makes our hair look dull and damaged. If you notice a change in texture or have hair loss, it may be a sign of metabolic issues.

6.    Feeling Cold:

One of the leading causes of a slow metabolism is hypothyroidism. If you feel cold often, you should consult your doctor.


Other than these six common symptoms, there are others like weakness, sugar cravings, and difficulty concentrating. Some people often get frequent headaches too. If you feel something is off, you should be careful and consult certified doctors. Metabolic issues can be quickly addressed! It would help if you were a little cautious with the symptoms you observe and included positive lifestyle changes immediately. Nothing can beat lifestyle changes, exercise, and a good diet.