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Can You Go Abroad to Have Gastric Band Surgery?

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Obesity and overweight are often tagged, along with numerous health issues that affect your general wellbeing. Many overweight people also tend to have self-esteem issues. They feel less attractive compared to if they shed some pounds. These insecurities have seen many people engage in weight loss journeys that tend to be tough. In most cases, they give up before achieving their targets.

The passion for weight loss has brought about a rise in demand for weight loss surgeries, and among them is the gastric band surgery. Lots of UK residents are, however, seen traveling abroad for such procedures. This post seeks to uncover what gastric band is and why most people prefer having it abroad.

What is a Gastric band?

It is a form of laparoscopic weight loss surgery. It involves the placement of an adjustable silicone band on the upper part of the stomach. The band is then squeezed to reduce the size of the stomach. It makes the stomach pouch reduce in size to a holding capacity of about an ounce of food.

The main aim of this procedure is to reduce your stomach’s size, which in turn reduces your level of food intake. You tend to feel full after consuming only a small portion of food.

Reduced food intake is known to cause weight loss in the long run. Some of the advantages of this process are; it is reversible and has minimal interference with the absorption of food. You are thus less likely to suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

On the other hand, one of its drawbacks is, if not correctly placed, the band can stretch, taking your stomach back to the standard size. You should, therefore, visit an experienced bariatric surgeon for this procedure.

Why Do People Prefer Gastric Band Surgery Abroad?

The rate at which people travel abroad to have gastric band surgery has brought about a state of “medical tourism.” Here are some of the reasons you may or may not decide to join the majority and have your gastric band abroad:


The cost of medical services in the UK has been following a rising trend in the recent past. This price rise has made many of its residents seek surgery services from cheaper countries abroad. Some affordable destinations outside Europe visited by most of the gastric band surgery patients are Mexico and India. However, these countries are far from the UK, and their flight costs can be quite high.

Medical tourism packages have been introduced to help cut down on these costs. You can choose a package that covers everything, including the recovery room and ground transportation. The package enables you to save some money and makes the whole process cheaper.

Skilled Bariatric Surgeons

Traveling abroad does not guarantee you a good doctor. Remember those good and bad doctors are spread worldwide, and it all depends on your luck. However, given the strict policies that govern international medical practitioners’ operations, you rest assured of receiving quality services.

Less Processing Time

The healthcare system in the UK tends to have a long waiting list, especially for surgeries. Patents here can wait for several months before the process is started. To avoid this, you may decide to book in with a facility abroad where there is a short waiting time. In some facilities, the process is initiated almost immediately.

Exposure to Varieties

Traveling abroad gives you a chance to interact with experienced bariatrics who are ready and willing to help. They will introduce you to a variety of other weight-loss surgeries other than the gastric band that may be more suitable for you. You are spoilt of choices.

Exploring the World

Going abroad also gives you a chance to visit a new city, taking up all the activities it offers. You get to breathe some foreign air!

Other than the numerous benefits of traveling abroad, there are also some cons which include:
• Loneliness- If you travel alone
• Health risks of going back home just days after the completion of a surgery

It is evident that the benefits outweigh the cons, and this may make you decide to have your gastric band surgery abroad.