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 Why Should You Buy Autoflower Seeds?

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Autoflower seeds typically originate from the Ruderalis species and can flower much faster than other cannabis strains. These plants can bloom within just 8-10 weeks of their growth. While they are mostly found in the climatic regions of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, you can cultivate them on US soil. Here we discuss several big reasons you should Buy Auto Flowering Seeds.

They have a Faster Life Cycle

The most significant benefit of auto-flowering seeds is that they can grow and bloom faster. These strains usually need 7-10 weeks to grow into plants, and this trait allows the growers to breed a photoperiod strain with the Ruderalis strains. It, in turn, will enable them to get their desired variety quickly. 

For example, haze genetics, which takes a longer period to grow, can be combined with Ruderalis to get quick results. 

Autoflowering Seeds Are Ideal for Discreet Growing

This is another advantage you get from growing auto-flowering plants. These plants usually reach a height of sixty to a hundred centimeters and are also called dwarfs. This unique trait allows people to hide the plants from the public eye.

Also, the compact size and the faster-growing speed of these cannabis plants allow the growers to create and disband the growing setup without much effort. So, in short, auto-flowering seeds are the best option if you want something that follows a discreet growth.

The Plants Can Resist Diseases and Extreme Weather

Another big reason you should buy auto-flowering seeds is because these plants can withstand extreme cold and resist all kinds of diseases. You may be worried about pests, mildew, pathogens, mold, or fungi, but auto-flowering plants are not bothered by all these things. 

Because they originate from the Ruderalis genetics, the plants are hardier, and this trait has made them an ideal choice for growers of all levels. Another good thing is that they also can tolerate over and under-feeding.

The CBD Percentage Is Higher

Compared to other photoperiod marijuana strains, auto-flowering strains have a higher CBD (cannabidiol) percentage. 

Cannabis strains having a higher percentage of CBD are found to offer more health benefits than those with higher THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and thus can create a more relaxing effect. It can also treat chronic pains, mental issues like depression and anxiety, diabetic issues, several epileptic conditions, etc. 

This property of auto-flowering seeds proves beneficial for the cultivator because they can happily grow the plants in the US states where marijuana has been made legal for medicinal purposes and not for recreational causes. 

Final Words

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