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Why Maintaining An Ideal Baby Weight Is Crucial?

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Maintaining an ideal baby weight (น้ำหนักเด็กทารก, which is the term in Thai) is very important for your baby, impacting different elements of your baby’s health and future. You need to ensure that your little one grows steadily and healthily, but overweight conditions can also lead to health issues.

Importance Of Baby Weight For Health And Growth Development

Your baby’s weight significantly indicates its overall health development and growth. The first years of your child’s life are crucial for growth. Your baby is likely to triple their birth weight in the first year. Weight gain is a sign that your baby is absorbing and processing nutrients from the food effectively, and the digestive system is also working well

If your baby is underweight. They might not be getting the nutrition that they need. This would lead to delays in development overweight babies might be consumed. On the flip side, If your baby is fat, they would consume a lot of calories, even more than they need. It is generally a significant sign of an unhealthy diet. This can enhance the risk of obesity of your child and other issues.

Impact On The Immune System Function

Weight is one of the significant factors in the development of your baby’s robust immune system. In the early stages of life, your baby is suspectable to a lot of infection and illness. It is mainly because their immune system is still developing, and they rely only on a diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients to build a strong defence against diseases.

If your baby is underweight, it can be a sign that it is not getting enough of these essential nutrients, which can compromise its immune function. At the same time, if your baby is overweight, it can negatively impact the immune responses and lead to inflammation; hence, you need to ensure that your baby has the ideal weight to support their immune system development.

Influence On Your Cognitive Development

There is a significant link between nutrition and healthy weight. The nutrients that your baby receives, especially in the first 1000 days of life, can majorly impact their brain development. It lays the foundation for cognitive abilities, motor skills, and emotional growth. When your baby is underweight due to malnutrition, it can lead to cognitive skills and emotional or social growth.

When your baby is underweighting because of malnutrition, it can lead to cognitive impairments, but if it is overweight, it can affect the brain structures. So, maintaining an ideal weight ensures that your baby gets the right amount of nutrients for perfect brain development.