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What Causes Childhood Anxiety? Best and safe medication

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What Causes Childhood Anxiety? Best and safe medication

Let’s face it: learning to navigate this vast universe while also being the tiniest person in the room the most of the time can instill terror comparable to being hunted by dinosaurs and monsters under the bed. Not to add that we rely on “grown-ups” for everything as children, including food, water, and shelter.

Identifying Anxiety Causes in Children

While fear and worry are natural in many situations, extreme anxiety should never be. Anxiety is defined as unease, nervousness, worry, dread, or terror of what is about to happen or what could potentially happen, whereas fear is triggered by something directly in front of us.
Yes, for some children, childhood can be a dreadful ordeal if they are not equipped with the necessary coping skills.
Children naturally assume greater responsibility as they mature, which often entails more stress. Much of this stress is normal growing and begins to lessen as a youngster becomes more comfortable with change.

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Anxiety Disorders vs. Common Anxieties

It is normal to feel anxious when confronted with a new activity or event, and as we all know, childhood is full of firsts. Throughout most of our childhood, we were confronted with new, unknown, and difficult challenges almost every day.
School test performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and first date or dance nervousness are some of the most prevalent experiences that might cause normal emotions of anxiety.
While none of these events endanger a person’s physical safety or well-being, they may make them feel “threatened” by potential embarrassment. To a developing child, fitting in and being accepted by peers can feel like the most essential thing in the world.

Mild anxiety can help us perform better in instances where performance is critical because it can make us feel more aware, focused, and ready to confront any challenges. Too much worry can make a child feel overwhelmed, tongue-tied, and unable to complete tasks.

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How Can I Spot the Mental Signs of Depression or Anxiety in My Children?

Anxiety disorders arise when a youngster becomes preoccupied with fear, dread, or anxiety to the point where it interferes with their growth and performance at school and in everyday life. Some indications that your child may be suffering from a condition include:
• Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
• Fatigue
• Concentration issues
• Irritability
• Muscle tenseness
If these symptoms last for six months or longer, it’s time to seek professional care.

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder):

A youngster suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder may be constantly concerned about school, the safety of family members, or the future. A youngster suffering from generalized anxiety may miss school or other social activities, as well as suffer from bodily problems such as headache, weariness, tight muscles, stomachache, and vomiting. Worries can feel like a burden to your child, making life appear chaotic and stressful.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

In children with OCD, anxiety manifest as obsessions as well as compulsions. Compulsions are what your child’s brain tells them will make the terrible ideas go away, whereas obsessions are bad, intrusive thoughts that are often uncontrolled. Has your youngster ever stressed the importance of a particular action without providing a rationale? This could be an early symptom of OCD.
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Social Anxiety Disorder:

For children or anyone suffering from social anxiety disorder, any social activity, no matter how modest, may appear to be an impossible task. Speaking in front of others may be especially difficult for some children. Has your child ever pretended to be ill or refused to attend school or another social activity? This is normal on occasion, but if it becomes persistent, it may indicate a social anxiety disorder.

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