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What is BPC-157 Used For

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BPC-157 is a pentadeca peptide that is simply a type of peptide. It is also called Body Protection Compound 157 due to its rejuvenating properties. It has contributed to healing wounds by increasing the angiogenic repair rate. Many animal trials have shown success in bringing out this peptide’s properties. However, for a good result you would need a high-quality product.

What Exactly Is BPC-157?

BPC, also known as Body Protection Compound, is generally derived from human stomach juice. It is a kind of protein and BPC-157 is a synthetically produced 15-amino acid sequence of this protein. BPC was first discovered in the ‘90s.

Basically, it can be used to increase the healing rate of different kinds of tissues from muscle, tendons and even nervous system. Though the researches are limited to animal trials and in vitro studies, the scientists are much interested in its properties that may be able to protect and repair organs of our body, reduce inflammation and pain.

There are many other peptides for sale in the market. All those have different composition and properties. However, they are no doubt beneficial for your health in many ways. This doesn’t mean that you can buy any of them. Take expert advice before buying these products if it is for personal use.

How Does It Work in Your Body?

BPC-157 promotes angiogenesis – a process through which new blood vessels forms from the existing tissues. This is probably the reason for its regenerative and healing property. The increased rate of new blood vessels can help when the lining of intestine is inflamed and healing slowly.

It might also stop growth inhibition caused due to some molecules. It triggers the tendon cells to produce more growth receptors. It also interacts with the neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. This can help with many problems like joint and muscle pain, depression, and seizures.

Moreover, it can increase nitric oxide (NO) production in your body, which would lower blood pressure and reduce negative impact of high potassium level.

What are the Benefits of BPC-157

All these mentioned benefits are not clinically proven for human use. These studies are purely based on animal and cell research evidence to date.

  • It treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease, ulcers and improves gut health and protects it from further damage.
  • Healing injured muscles and tendons
  • Even cuts, broken bones and burns can heal much faster with a dose of BPC 157
  • It reduces the damage caused to your organs by NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • It might be effective in treating hyperkalemia (high potassium level in blood)
  • It can stabilize the blood pressure rather than just lowering high blood pressure.
  • It reduces pain sensation.

BPC-157 Dosage

The administration format determines the BPC -157 dosages. Generally, it comes in the form of intra-muscular injections or oral tablets. Only the prescriber would be able to direct you the dose after considering your medical conditions and requirements.

BPC-157 Side Effects

There is no evidence of any side effects of BPC-157, but there are chances of it going unnoticed. Moreover, lack of clinical trials renders humans with an unknown safety profile. Researchers are still continuing to do research to prove the benefits of BPC-157 and find out all its side effects.

If you are interested in BPC-157 buy it only after you have enough information. Some well regarded companies like Core Peptides do not sell it for personal use, but only for lab research work. You can now get free shipping in the USA for orders over $50. This US based company has many other peptide-related products in stock.

NOTE: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Peptides are for laboratory research purposes only and not for human consumption.