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A Detail of Tests and Types of STD/STI

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Those who are actively involved in sex of any form must remain alert about STD/STI. Those who are unaware of these terms read it thoroughly.

STD – sexually transmitted disease

STI – sexually transmitted infection

Both the above-mentioned terms can be deadly if not arrested at an early stage. These STD or STI are known by different names such as HIV, HVP, Hepatitis a, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Ureaplasma, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, Gardnerella, and Herpes.

A layman may not be familiar with these terms but those who are facing the following situation must go for an STD test:

  • Sex without condom
  • Sex with multiple partners
  • Sex with a victim of STD/STI
  • Sex with a new partner
  • Sex in defective condom

Sex life is a private affair. Some people may feel shy to discuss it even if he is experiencing a threat of STD. The progress of medical science is a boon to them. A Home STD test is possible too. It is fully online from buying to receiving results you do not need to communicate in person with anyone. Just place an order for the test kit. It will be delivered to your doorstep. Follow the instructions carefully. It will require samples of blood, urine, or vaginal, oral, rectal swab for detection. Here comes the place of inaccuracy. Being inexperienced you may fail to collect or handle the sample as per requirement. The result will be a faulty report. This means if you are positive it may reflect negative and vice versa. So, this method, though cheap is less reliable. But it saves your time and money too.

The other modes

 Online-to-lab mode and in-office mode are the two options better than fully online mode. In these two modes, you will be guided by medical experts. But in the online-to-lab mode, it is partial self-testing. Here you buy the kit and collect the samples. But the same is submitted in the lab for testing. This ensures a proper interpretation of the test report unlike fully online where you have to understand the report by yourself. In-office testing is the most secured one. The entire process is carried out by expert doctors. Here you need to interact with doctors and express your problems. So there is less or no place for privacy.

Those who are involved in oral, vaginal, or anal sex must remain careful about the symptoms and also never hesitate to test themselves.

One thing to remember is that these tests are not covered under any medical facilities.