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Vacuum Butt Lift: All You Need To Know

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There are two ways of achieving butt lifts: the vacuum butt lift technique and the other most commonly known technique of Brazilian butt lifting procedure. At the moment, butt augmentation or the Brazilian butt lift technique is the procedure that is growing the fastest in the plastic surgery division. The Brazilian butt lift technique is performed using fat transfer and liposuction procedures. In some instances, gluteal implants are also used to improve the contour and butt size. Despite the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift technique, there are several downsides to it. For example, it has the maximum complication rates and eight weeks of downtime. Specific other side effects include fluid accumulation, pain, and excess bleeding. Furthermore, the procedure is pretty expensive as well.

Thus, many people are looking for alternatives to going under the knife. One of them is vacuum butt lift therapy. Unlike the Brazilian technique, vacuum butt therapy is entirely non-invasive and lifts the butt without incisions. The method is pretty much similar to lymphatic drainage. This technique relies on the use of glass cups and suction devices.

Vacuum butt lift therapy acts as a massage technique. It helps to lift and change the confirmation of the butt of a person with the use of a suction device. First, a minor massage is given to the tissue. After the massage, two small suction cups are moved on the buttocks and thigh regions. This is done to manipulate the tissue. Two large suction cups are placed on each side of the butt and sealed for approximately 30 minutes.

The process of vacuum butt lift is said to improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate muscles and break down the shift fat deposits. It is also set to enable hypodermis. Together, these actions provide a toning effect that gives the backside a smoother, firmer, and fuller appearance. According to most people, the vacuum technique lifts the butt by 70{ef9c066f22b0add3a04aa406510313097979d330f6062d148bd981837c7d324f}. One session of vacuum for lifting is almost equivalent to performing 1500 squats.

The most significant advantage of vacuum butt therapy is its very few side effects and risks. There is no downtime either. Since it is a procedure that is non-invasive, it is pain-free except for a slight pinch-like sensation when the cups are being placed or removed. Post-treatment, one can expect a few side effects like tightness or swelling in the region. It is expected to go away quickly.