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How Audiology-Driven Tests Help To Treat Patients?

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The term ‘audiology’ relates two root words: Audio & Logy. The first one, ‘Audio,’ defines the hearing content, and the second one, ‘logy,’ explains the deep essence of the study. As a branch of medical treatment, audiology represents research hearing abilities.

Therefore, audiology-driven diagnostic tests help to cure hearing-related disorders.

The Following Points Describe Different Audiology Based Diagnostic Tests:

Audiology-Driven Diagnostic Tests

Doctors recommend different diagnostic tests in the audiology field, which can vary from person to person. Audiology in Queens is a great way to treat hearing disorders.

Pure Tone Audiometry

To go through this test, the patients need to wear headphones, and then they have to press a particular button while they hear the specific sound every time. These tests check the ability of hearing level in different types of frequency cases.


This test is straightforward and runs for five minutes. During this test, the patients must hear a humming sound to feel a mild sensation. And through this test, the audiologists check the eardrum and the middle ear defects.

Speech Audiometry

This test runs for 30 minutes. And the specific procedures of this test provide exact details on the recognition ability of patients. During this test, some particular words are announced in front of patients, and then they need to repeat those words. The lists of words are designed according to the test requirements of different patients.

Oto-Acoustic Emissions

The patients listen to specific sounds like humming and click in this test. And up to twenty minutes, the recorded cell functions of the patient’s inner ear help the doctor diagnose the causes of hearing disability.

Auditory Brainstem Response

This audiology-driven test checks the activity level of hearing nerves. The specialists execute this test for 30 minutes to understand if the particular nerves are working or not.

Auditory Processing Test

Through this type of test, the patients recognize the non-speech sounds in the surrounding environment. For almost one hour, the patients have to listen to different patterned sounds and clarify those sounds in front of the audiologist. This test reveals the level of hearing ability of the patients.


All these tests play vital roles in diagnosing hearing disorders, and based on these test results, doctors prescribe the therapy and medicines. Therefore, audiology in Queens is considered one of the most excellent solutions to treat patients who suffer from hearing disabilities.


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