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Pain Medication Online – What Can You Expect?

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At times, the patient suffering from severe pain needs urgent consultation from web-based doctors for pain medication prescribed by them. Doctors who prescribe pain medication online usually send the prescription to a nearby pharmacy or hospital. There are however no exceptions to prescribing painkillers online due to the stricter legal constraints for prescribing pain medications through the Internet. Before doctors prescribe pain medication online, they first have to contact the pharmacy or hospital and obtain their authorization to do so.

This is done so that the doctor would not have any issue with dispensing painkillers or other analgesics contrary to the rules laid down by law. The Internet is home to many prescription medicine websites that are managed and funded by non-profit organizations. These non-profit organizations strictly adhere to the rules of the FDA and are therefore free from any liability if the medicine prescribed online turns out to be unsafe and/or ineffective.

Opioids are the most common category of prescription medications prescribed online. They include codeine, hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Dilaudid and Morphine. Codeine is particularly popular as it is highly effective in providing relief from the symptoms of mild to moderate back pain and hip arthritis. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are analgesics that are equally well-known for relieving pain and also reduce the risk of addiction. Dilaudid and Morphine are opioids that are particularly popular as they are readily available and cheaper than the other opioids.

Many people do not realize that many pain medications can cause side effects ranging from drowsiness to confusion and even respiratory failure. Hence, before prescribing any such drug, the doctor needs to make sure that the patient would not be affected adversely. Doctors also need to know the exact amount of the drug needed to relieve the patient’s pain. This is because different people have different pain tolerance levels and the drug dose may also be adjusted accordingly. Patients should however not stop taking their medication without the doctor’s advice as stopping the medication without a valid reason could lead to withdrawal syndromes and physical dependence.

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Non-narcotic analgesics are also used for chronic back pain and hip problems. These medications are considered safer than narcotic analgesics because they have lesser side effects. Examples of non-narcotic analgesics include acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen. Physicians sometimes prescribe NSAIDs to patients suffering from arthritis. These medications are however reserved for use in specific types of pain and muscle tension and should only be used on a physician’s advice.

For those who need prescription-strength pain medication, non-pharmacological techniques should be considered first. These techniques include physical therapy and counseling. Physical therapy would involve educating the patient on how best to move and stretch to ease the pain. Counseling would help patients unravel their emotional problems that may be causing their inability to control their pain.

Painkillers can prove to be highly addictive. That is why it is important that patients only consume these drugs under the supervision of a doctor. When choosing an online healthcare provider to purchase pain medications, it is recommended that you research the company more than once to ensure that they have provided satisfactory services to previous customers. Make sure the company has a good feedback rate from its customers and check how long it has been in business.

Although many doctors prefer not to prescribe pain medications to their patients, it is necessary to provide relief from the pain at times when medical treatment cannot be afforded. For example, some individuals may experience intense pain when lifting weights or working out. This pain can be treated with over-the-counter pain killers and other non-narcotic medications. However, if these treatments are not effective or too inconvenient, it is okay to consult with a doctor who can prescribe opioids for these patients.