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Modern Way Of Fixing Flaws Of Our Body

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Plastic surgery is a new phenomenon in the modern world, people especially from young generation are turning greatly towards plastic surgery. It helps them in fixing flaws of their body and makes an individual look better than before which helps in boosting confidence. One of the most popular surgeries is chin augmentation, this surgery solves problems such as receding chin, short chin and also helps in adjusting shape of one’s face to look better. Ve’anna clinic throws light on this service of fixing flaws of your face.

There are two kinds of chin augmentation surgeries which are, chin augmentation and chin incision. There various advantages of chin augmentation like, precise positioning of silicone, decoration of excess skin under chin, reduction in risk of injury, infection, swelling after surgery. There are also disadvantages of this surgery like contact with water after early days of surgery can cause infection, occurring of scars after healing of wounds, not suitable for people with easy keloid scarring. Just like chin augmentation, chin incision also has various advantages like, the wound can come in contact with water, it avoids causing of any scars. There are also disadvantages like, infection risk is high due to eating of saliva foods, infection can also be caused by oral bacteria, after the surgery it is difficult to treat patients, difficulty in eating some foods such as spicy foods, overheated foods in the early days of surgery.

There are differences between a chin augmentation and incision, in chin augmentation the doctor, considering a size of about 1-2 cm will open the wound under the outer chin then a silicone will be placed where it needs to be placed and then it will be sewed shut. In chin incision, the doctor will be opening the wound from the inside of the oral cavity which will be in front of the lower gums, then the doctor on the lower edge will separate the membrane of the chain bone, then the silicone will be placed where you want it, then it sewed off with melted silk.

After the surgeries, there will be slight swelling of chin till 3-4 days, this will gradually improve within 7-10 days. For 1-3 months it will begin entering, it will take over 6 months for fully collapsing. This is when the surgery with swelling and bruising are considered to be a match. There is a lot of care required to be taken after both surgeries many things like, controlling contact with water, avoiding eating of few food items is required.

Ve’anna provides free consultations with doctors, these doctors at Ve’anna provide guidance and appropriate answers to your questions. These experienced doctors use proper anesthesia before conducting the surgical procedure and use proper techniques which are smooth and seamless.