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Be Aware Of Ptosis And Get Treated Soon

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Do your eyes always look tired? Do you have droopy eyelids? This can be a sign that you are suffering from Ptosis. If you are not aware of what Ptosis is, you are in the right place. Here we will briefly discuss Ptosis, its causes, risks, consequences, and cure. This condition can only be cured by surgery. You should opt for surgery from a well-known and trustable place like the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic.

What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid becomes droopy. This condition can be left untreated until it does not impact vision but this cannot be left untreated as it may gradually affect the vision of the person if the skin droops too much and can reduce the vision.


Ptosis can occur due to various reasons varying from natural causes to serious injuries:

  • Aging- With increasing age, the skin around the eye area becomes very thin, weak, and sensitive. Therefore it becomes prone to wrinkles, saggy skin, ptosis, etc.
  • Congenital Ptosis- It is a type of Ptosis that is present in a person from birth. This can occur due to genetic factors.
  • Congenital Swelling – Congenital swelling of eyelids is a trait in Asian genetics. They have thick eyelids with a lot of fat around the eye which causes this condition.
  • Accident- Sometimes this condition is seen in people who had confronted a severe accident in their past in which they suffered from serious eye injuries.
  • Health Problems- Ptosis can also be a result of serious health issues like stroke, cancer, or brain tumor.


  • A Barrier To Vision- When too much skin droops over the eye covering the eye partially or totally it makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to see clearly.
  • Wrinkling Of The Forehead- When suffering from Ptosis the person has to repeatedly raise their eyebrows to see properly which results in prominent wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Eyelash Piercing- Drooping eyelids sometimes cause the eyelashes to prick the eye causing it to itch, and irritate the eye. Sometimes it also causes redness in the eyes and makes them watery. Sometimes it becomes the cause of infection of the eyes and leads to blindness.

Cure Of Ptosis

The only cure for Ptosis is through medical surgery. If the reason behind this condition is age or it is congenital then it is not harmful and not necessary to be treated. But if it is a result of other serious causes it should be treated properly.

During surgery, the loose skin is removed and tightened which gives a lift to the eyes. Various risks are also associated with surgery. Choosing the right place for surgery is very crucial. You should opt for places that have good reviews and are known for skilled surgeons. Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic is one of the popular clinics. They operate with high precision and the experienced expertise of doctors.


Ptosis is sometimes not harmful to health if it is due to natural causes. But sometimes droopy eyelids can also be very dangerous and result in serious problems like blindness. Therefore you should be very careful if you are suffering from severe or mild Ptosis.