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Why Soberlink is best Breath Analyzer with Hi-tech network?

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You can keep track of your BAC with Soberlink, an alcohol monitoring system. Whenever and whenever you choose, the Soberlink app can tell you exactly how much alcohol is currently in your blood.

The Soberlink alcohol monitoring system provides peace of mind in real time. During the initial stages of sobriety, the Soberlink alcohol monitoring device is intended to provide as a source of strength for the user. There are several advantages to using Soberlink to monitor one’s alcohol use and subsequent sobriety.

Portable: easy to carry

Soberlink is a portable, user-friendly tool that provides the greatest possible outcomes in a short amount of time. Using cutting-edge wireless technology, your smartphone may be linked to the Soberlink gadget, a portable breathalyzer of professional quality. A professional-grade portable breathalyzer, the Soberlink gadget has wireless connectivity, real-time facial recognition, accurate tamper detection, and real-time alarms. For the home court sector, Soberlink is the only solution available that uses real-time facial recognition.

Highly Accurate

The Soberlink BAC device includes a wireless breathalyzer that utilizes a fuel cell pro-level sensor to accurately measure blood alcohol content (BAC) within a margin of error of +/-0.005BAC. The fuel cell is of professional quality and delivers a reliable, distance-based alcohol detection test. Automatic Tampering Detection Scheduled In-Home Alcohol Screening Multiple times a day, scheduled remote breath tests will alert police to any signs of drunkenness. Our state-of-the-art mobile apps and bluetooth breathalyzer equipment allow us to monitor for alcohol use as part of our Accountability Program.

Regular screening

Regular screening for alcohol usage is made easy with the help of Soberlink Technology’s portable breathalyzers and Recovery Management Software. During the parenting time, Soberlink can provide objective verification that you are sober, which might be useful if you are facing charges of alcohol misuse. Living with an alcoholic parent can be stressful, but the Soberlink gadget can help you rest easy knowing they are not drinking.

Therefore, it is essential for treatment facilities caring for people with alcohol use disorders to have access to devices like the Soberlink, which may function as both a treatment assessment device for a doctor and an autonomous monitoring device for a patient. Patients with AUD were enrolled in a randomized clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of a Soberlink BAC device in conjunction with mindfulness therapy (provided through mindfulness recovery care). Those in the PA PHP who have been diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder and are unable to refrain from drinking before a drug test are now the primary beneficiaries of the Soberlink device. A participant may request a reduction in the frequency of drug and alcohol testing using the Soberlink device after one year if they have shown no signs of relapsing to alcohol use, as shown by the statistics.

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Better than its counterparts

There are a number of alcohol monitoring devices available, but the Soberlink is the only one whose readings are reliable enough to be trusted. Recently, Soberlink’s reputation was bolstered when it was included in a paper outlining best practices for the therapeutic application of remote monitoring for the treatment of alcohol use disorders. From time to time, Soberlink is meant to help you establish sobriety from alcohol, so you may track your improvement as you go sober.