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What Can be the Best Medical Solutions for Vaginal Looseness

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There is no way: at the same speed as the ovaries fail to produce the hormone estrogen over time, the mucosa of the vaginal Incontinence. It doesn’t just happen with the vagina, which would be strictly the channel through which penetration can occur. In fact, it is good that we take the opportunity to fix a common mistake, that is, this craze that people have to call by that name the whole of the work, which includes the vulva, the external and visible part, with its big and small lips, more the clitoris. Now, vagina is vagina. And vulva is vulva. Therefore, it is also inaccurate to talk about vaginal rejuvenation, since the most interested parties want more to do the whole process.

The Creation of Wounds

A skin so thin gets hurt for nothing. Imagine then at the time of sex! There are so many tiny wounds that, even when they are practically invisible, everything burns, itches, itches. And the sensation worsens, of course, if an infection appears in the patch. This probability is not the smallest.

The Other Reason

Finally, due to that reduction of the vessels, the vagina transudes less, that is, it loses less water through its pores, becoming increasingly dry. The skin, which was already very thin, becomes brittle for good. It may even bleed during sex which, of course, is no longer the most pleasurable activity in the world. What is the way out for Vaginal laxity?

Of course, if the situation of Vagina looseness is caused by the lack of estrogen, the standard treatment would be to replace this hormone in the bloodstream or even through gel applications right on the spot. But not every patient benefits some women with postmenopausal genitourinary syndrome just don’t respond to the hormone. Others, on the other hand, do not want or in fact cannot make the replacement because it is associated with a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer but there are specific hormone treatments that are very safe. And, in the case of vaginal creams with hormones, there are still women who just don’t like the idea of ​​using them every single day. Plus use them forever even after Menopause.

Technical Treatment

Technologies like radio frequency, ultrasound and laser this one, apparently with better results have the same principle. That is, they all discharge energy into the atrophied mucosa, which reacts to heating by reorganizing their cells. In the case of the laser, it is as if it made numerous microscopic holes that act as bridges, taking this energy to the connective tissue below. Then, there is the stimulation of the so-called heat shock proteins, which are responsible for the appearance of new collagen fibers and substances that favor the hydration of the mucosa. New blood vessels also appear.

Aesthetic Care

Among the alternatives to replacement, which do not solve the cause, but which are good palliatives, is the use of vaginal moisturizers and Aesthetic treatment. They increase the water content in the fabric and, therefore, favor the blessed transudation, leaving everything moist as in other carnivals. Again it is for those who do not bother to use creams in the vagina, since the dose must be repeated every three days, more or less. Proper postnatal care is also necessary.

The progress of Aesthetic treatment has been perfect for the ones who are not willing to visit the salons or the plastic surgeons.