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Some of the Major Benefits of Foot Surgery and Best Podiatrist

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Many people are there who are not aware of the foot and ankle surgery benefits. According to doctors, foot surgery is most of the time viewed as the last resort treatment for any kind of condition. And one of the reasons for the same is that it is an invasive intervention and it comes with a high cost including risks too, compared to the traditional treatment. But there are cases where your foot doctor can suggest you the surgery as it has many benefits. According to the podiatrist in San Marcos, CA, some of the major benefits of a foot surgery are as follows.

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Enhanced Appearance – 

If you are a person who is suffering from foot deformities or have foot deformities, then you should opt for the surgery, as it will allow you will be able to feel comfortable and also you will be able to function. You will feel great self-confidence within.

Relief from Pain – 

Several people are there who are suffering from pain and discomfort which is mainly due to ankle and foot injuries. So, you can opt for surgery as it can result in long-lasting relief from pain.

Choosing Footwear – 

If you have an issue in your foot or ankle, because of which it becomes difficult for you to choose proper shoes because you don’t fit into the shoes, then surgery is recommended. It will allow you to choose from a wide range of footwear which you can enjoy.

Prevention from Further Deformation – 

Some foot conditions are there like Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is such a type of condition which needs surgical intervention so that any further or future foot deformation is prevented.

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Better Movability or Foot Movements – 

If due to a foot or ankle injury, you are finding it difficult to move or do the day-to-day tasks, then it is recommended that you choose surgery. Surgery will benefit you by helping to restore your proper foot movements.

Foot Disorders – 

Besides that, if you have a foot disorder like that of hammertoes or bunions then surgery may be recommended as the only option for relief. One of the reasons why you might be getting pressure on the foot and pain is because the tendons become too tight. Apart from that, the toes rub against each other and become unbalanced causing friction. And, due to these conditions, the joints become inflamed and may lead to a deformity. Also, anaesthesia is given to the patients to enable the podiatrists to perform the procedures and remove the disorder.

When a Foot Surgery is required – 

Some surgical procedure comprises adjusting the tendons to the right size, the alignment of the joints back to the place, changing the shape or the structure of the bone, and so on. To know whether foot surgery is the correct option for you must consult a podiatrist. Foot surgery may be necessary in the following cases –

  • healing and removing foot deformities like bone spurs, bunions
  • bone issues due to severe arthritis
  • cosmetic or foot reconstruction


Types of Surgeries for Foot – 

Some of the types of surgeries that are done for the foot are – Bunionectomy which is done for painful bunions, then surgical fusion which is done for alignment of the bones, then neuropathy decompression is done to treat nerve damage. Compared to the non-surgical methods, surgical methods provide pain relief and will give you proper foot movement. Through endoscopic surgery, you will have small incisions and quick recovery.