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Prepping for Psoriasis TCM in Singapore

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Psoriasis can be challenging to live with, so it’s critical for those in Singapore who have it to access treatment. One treatment is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which provides methods for treating the bodily components of psoriasis. With this, examine the essential steps that need to be taken before beginning a psoriasis TCM treatment.

Physical Preparations:

Medical History Documentation:

Gather your medical history before starting TCM treatment, emphasising past psoriasis therapies, drugs, and their results. Transparently communicate this information to your TCM practitioner to enable a focused approach.

Skin Examination:

Examine every part of your body affected by psoriasis. Note the lesions’ size, current condition, and any recent alterations. Throughout the TCM treatment, this baseline assessment helps track progress.

Dietary Adjustments:

The importance of diet for general health is emphasised in TCM. Start by implementing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. Reduce your use of alcohol, processed foods, and other trigger foods that could make your psoriasis symptoms worse.

Mental Preparations:

Realistic Expectations:

TCM treatment is a gradual procedure. Remain realistic in your expectations to prevent disappointment and acknowledge that progress can take some time.

Stress Management Strategies:

Stress is known to impact psoriasis. Start incorporating stress-reduction practices like yoga, meditation, or mindfulness into your daily routine to support TCM efforts.

Educate Yourself:

Invest some time learning about TCM concepts and how they apply to psoriasis. Gaining knowledge about the approach will enable you to take an active role in your care and make informed lifestyle decisions.

Financial Preparations:

Insurance Coverage Check:

Check if TCM therapies are covered by your health insurance. Some of the costs may be reimbursed under specific policies, easing the financial strain. Get in touch with your insurance for detailed information about psoriasis treatment costs in Singapore.

Budgeting for Herbal Prescriptions:

Herbal prescriptions are a typical part of TCM therapy. Set aside money for these medications, and if needed, talk to your TCM practitioner about affordable options.

Consultation Fees and Additional Costs:

Pay attention to TCM consultation fees and any possible extra expenses for testing or treatments. A stress-free process is ensured by having a thorough awareness of the financial issues.

Psychological Preparations:

Open Communication:

Have honest discussions with your TCM practitioner. Talk to someone about any worries, anxieties, or doubts you may have about the therapy. Transparency in communication promotes cooperation and trust.

Social Support Network:

Tell your close friends and relatives that you have decided to seek TCM treatment. A support system can help during therapy by offering understanding and emotional support.

Coping Mechanisms:

Determine healthy coping strategies for handling future setbacks or symptom swings. A resilient mindset can be aided by having a toolkit of techniques, such as taking up hobbies or getting professional psychological support.

Lifestyle Modifications:

Smoking Cessation:

Give up smoking since it might progress psoriasis symptoms and reduce the efficacy of treatment.

Regular Exercise:

Include regular exercise in your regimen since it can help reduce stress, which can be a cause of psoriasis flare-ups, and enhance general well-being.

Healthy Sleep Habits:

Make getting enough sleep a priority; try for 7-9 hours each night. Restful sleep supports immune function and contributes to skin health, which is essential for TCM treatment outcomes.


The psoriasis TCM treatment requires planning that considers physical, psychological, financial, and emotional factors, and lifestyle changes. By evaluating these factors, people in Singapore can get the desired results of TCM treatments and take charge of their psoriasis management. Remember, cooperation between the patient and the TCM practitioner, based on reasonable expectations and a dedication to well-being, is necessary for expected outcomes.

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