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Invisalign and Eating: Here’s What You Should Know

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It is true that one of the major differences between using braces and using Reston Invisalign is that Invisalign provides fewer food restrictions. However, keep in mind that it still poses a few restrictions so you are not necessarily given the freedom to eat or drink whatever you want. Do not worry though as we will be walking you through everything you need to know about Invisalign and eating.

What makes Invisalign better than braces?

First and foremost, the food restrictions are lesser as compared to that of someone who is wearing a brace. In fact, Reston Invisalign is actually one of the most sought-after orthodontic treatment today. Thanks to technology, patients can now freely choose from a wide variety of options when fixing their smiles.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when wearing Invisalign:

Always remember to remove your trays whenever you plan on consuming anything, be it hard or soft food, or even drinks. As much as possible, avoid drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or any hot liquid as it can ruin your Invisalign. In addition, avoid smoking. Your Invisalign is made from materials that can easily be damaged as a result of smoking.

At a first glance, wearing your Reston Invisalign may seem like there are no restrictions at all but there are a few reminders to take note of. Firstly, always keep your teeth clean. Be aware of your eating habits and always try to adopt good dental practices. Moreover, always listen to what you orthodontist is saying or recommending. Trust us when we say this, they know what they are saying.

Of course, with these (although few) food and drink restrictions, people who wear Invisalign can still get hungry throughout the day. This is why it is recommended to take snacks and build them into your day. Reston Invisalign should be worn for over 20 to 22 hours a day. Thus, you have to be a bit fast with your meals. Think of it as intermittent fasting! The only difference is that you can take snacks in between to satisfy your hunger.

Another important point is that wearing Invisalign helps you develop good dental habits. You will be brushing a lot because you’ll want your aligners to be clean and free from any debris from your last meal. If you are traveling, always be sure to bring a handy travel-sized toothbrush.

Final Thoughts: What can you expect once you have worn your Reston Invisalign?

The goal of wearing your Invisalign is quite the same as wearing braces. It helps align and correct crowded teeth, underbite, overbite, and even gapped teeth, as well as a crossbite. You need to be committed to wearing it in order for them to be effective. This means restricting certain habits, whether that’s for eating, drinking, smoking, or even dental practices. When you wear your aligners, you can expect that you’ll be more conscious and aware of these little habits – and you must make a constant effort to follow them.

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