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Healthy foods your child will surely like!

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Feeding your children may be the biggest challenge that most parent’s face, and unanimously agree with the mammoth of the task.

Some children are picky eaters and are super selective with their palate. Then, some children just like to eat unhealthy and junk food.

Parents not only have to contend with the food-mood swings of their children, but their own life has its own demand as well, due to which, they might not always make the healthiest of choices for their children.

If child’s nutritional needs are not met, their growth and development may get jeopardized, meriting a visit to the Child specialist in Lahore then.

Foods that your child will like

It is hence imperative for parents to find foods that are good for their children, and convenient for themselves as well. Some of these foods include:


Children mostly love a banana, which is also packed with goodness. Bananas are sweet, so most children eat them with joy. Low in calories and high in nutrient, bananas are excellent source of fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates.

It also has important micronutrients like potassium, vitamin C, vitamin b6. Compounds like dopamine are also part of bananas.

Moreover, bananas also keep the gut happy, the heart functioning well and your child happy. There are different ways you can incorporate bananas to your child’s diet, other than serving them as is.

Milkshake, pancakes, cupcakes, smoothies are some fun ways to add banana to your child’s diet.


Another all-rounder of a fruit are apples. When eaten with peel, apples provide with fiber that is vital to prevent digestive problems like constipation. Apples are also good source of micronutrients like vitamin C, iron etc.

Apple slices make for a great snacking food. Much like bananas, apples are also utilized in different ways. Juice, shakes, applesauce etc. are different ways to incorporate apple in your diet.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein. They are low in calories yet are high in nutrition. Most importantly, eggs promote satiety. Therefore, eggs are an excellent breakfast item.

There are variety of ways eggs can be incorporated into the meals. Serve sunny side up, go for frittatas, make good old omelet etc. For ones with sweet truth, you can also make French toasts. Pancakes and crepes also use eggs. However, since sugar is bad for health, try to keep it to a minimum.


Milk is another one of the kids’ favorites. It is not until they develop taste for coffee and tea when they grow up that milk becomes low on their totem pole. Milk is imperative for growth, as it is an excellent source of calcium that helps in building bones.

Milkshakes, flavored milk, and cereals are some ways to add milk to the menu. Give your children full-fat milk, as your children need the good fat for their development as well.


Yogurt is another dairy product that you should make sure that is part of your child’s menu. It is an excellent source of calcium, but most importantly, yogurt is a probiotic. It helps in making the bacteria in the gut healthy, which allows for the digestive system to work seamlessly.

You should try, however, to limit the processed and flavored yogurt that is high in sugar.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is full of good fat that is required for proper functioning of the body, improved cognitive performance and satiety.

Peanut butter also contains many micronutrients like vitamin E, iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Moreover, it is also very versatile and convenient to use. Peanut butter can be spread on toast, used as a dip with fruit, utilized as topping for salad etc. You can also make peanut butter milkshakes as well.

However, be careful about nut allergies. If you suspect your child to have allergy, you should consult an expert via