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Double Eyelid Surgery Review: Acknowledging the Process, Solutions Offered by the Surgery, and Estimate Costs

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The concept of Double Eyelid is very common these days. In medical terms, double eyelid refers to the formation of a visible crease in the upper eyelid skin, while the eye is open. In such a scenario a cosmetic surgical procedure popularly known as Double eyelid surgery is done to change the shape of the eyelid and add an upper crease. The other name for this surgery is Asian blepharoplasty.

What Are The Steps By Which Double Eyelid Surgery Takes Place?

There are two major types of processes by which the method of double eyelid surgery takes place. One is the non-incision double eyelid surgery and the other one is incision double eyelid surgery.

In case of non-incision, a double eyelid line is created based on the preferences of the individual. Then, multiple micro holes are punctured across the double eyelid line. Once the thread is inserted, a double eyelid is formulated, then sewed in the micro holes altogether.

This process is used where individuals don’t wish to cut the eyelid skin. The recovery time in this step is very fast and it doesn’t cause much swelling to the eyes, making the eyes more natural with less pain.

The Incision method of double eyelid surgery is done to effectively eliminate irrelevant muscles and fats to attain a defined shape for the eyes. This method is beneficial for those who want to have a permanent double eyelid.

In this method, a double eyelid is designed and local anesthesia is applied to avoid pain. Then unnecessary fats and muscles are removed by incision. The incision line is then sutured by using a fine thread. The whole process can take up to 60-90 minutes approximately.

Acknowledging The Fundamentals

Double eyelid surgery review [ทํา ตา สอง ชั้น รีวิว, which is the term in Thai] by experts says that the surgical procedure involves various techniques for its operation.

  1. Procedures assisted by Laser.
  2. Method of open structure
  3. Method of partial or no-incision

The issue of double eyelids is a growing trendy issue commonly prevailing worldwide these days, mostly in men. While opting for any sort of surgery, one has to keep in mind that the operation may not be a suitable fit for everyone.

After researching through the Double Eyelid Surgery Review, one can understand that the after-results of this surgery vary from person to person. High blood pressure, vascular issues, and dry eyes are some commonly found contradictions that happen to any individual after the surgery.

Estimate Cost Of A Double Eyelid Surgery

The cost of double eyelid surgery has to be taken into consideration before approaching such a medical surgery. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons in one of their research, estimated that the average cost of a double eyelid surgery ranges from $3000 to $3500.

This estimate, however, doesn’t include anesthesia, the cost of the operating room, or other related expenses. In a case when the surgery is solely done for cosmetic purposes, no insurance company will cover the cost.