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Debunking the 10 Common Myths about Sclerotherapy

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Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that has become popular in Singapore for treating varicose veins. Despite its popularity, a few myths and misconceptions about this minimally invasive treatment exist. Discover the realities behind ten prevalent myths about sclerotherapy, clearing up confusion and dispelling false information.

Myth 1: Sclerotherapy is Painful

Despite public belief, sclerotherapy is a minimally uncomfortable procedure. During the injection procedure, patients may feel a little uncomfortable, as if they are being pinched. However, this pain only lasts temporarily, and most people can handle the procedure well.

Myth 2: Sclerotherapy is Only for Cosmetic Purposes

Although sclerotherapy is frequently used to treat spider veins for aesthetic purposes, it can also be used to treat underlying venous insufficiencies that lead to varicose veins. Beyond the cosmetic benefits, the operation is a helpful medical intervention to enhance circulation and lessen related symptoms.

Myth 3: Sclerotherapy is a One-Time Fix

It may take more than one session of sclerosing therapy to get the desired results. The severity of the ailment and each patient’s reaction to the treatment determine how many treatments are necessary. Dedication and patience are essential for wanted results.

Myth 4: Sclerotherapy Causes Severe Side Effects

Sclerotherapy is usually safe and has few side effects when administered by a medical practitioner. It’s normal to experience brief bruising, swelling, or redness at the injection site; these symptoms typically go away in a few days. When the procedure is performed in a vein clinic, serious complications are highly unlikely.

Myth 5: Sclerotherapy is Exclusively for Women

Sclerotherapy and varicose veins do not discriminate based on gender. This treatment is equally beneficial to men and women. Regardless of gender, sclerotherapy targets the underlying cause of varicose veins, a condition becoming prominent in Singapore.


Myth 6: Sclerotherapy is Invasive

Sclerotherapy belongs to the group of minimally invasive treatments. The afflicted veins are directly injected with a solution, which causes them to collapse and finally disappear. It’s a non-invasive option for treating varicose veins because no incisions or sutures are involved.

Myth 7: Sclerotherapy is Ineffective for Large Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy can be used for more than just tiny veins. Although it works for spider and smaller varicose veins, foamed sclerosants can work for prominent varicose veins. Your healthcare provider will determine the course of action based on your unique condition.

Myth 8: Sclerotherapy Results in Permanent Scarring

Sclerotherapy is known for its cosmetic benefits, and scarring is minimal. The tiny needles used for injections leave microscopic, nearly invisible marks. Further reducing scarring can be achieved by following your healthcare provider’s post-procedure care instructions.

Myth 9: Sclerotherapy is Covered by Insurance Only for Cosmetic Reasons

Sclerotherapy insurance coverage varies according to individual financial plans and the procedure’s medical necessity. While some cases might be considered cosmetic, insurance often covers sclerotherapy when performed to address symptomatic varicose veins or underlying venous insufficiencies.

Myth 10: Sclerotherapy Guarantees Permanent Results

Although sclerosing veins can produce results that last, it cannot ensure that the veins will never grow again. With time, new veins may form, especially if the underlying causes of venous insufficiency remain untreated. Maintaining desired results may require periodic follow-up treatments.


Dispelling myths and misconceptions about sclerotherapy is essential for those in Singapore considering the treatment to address their vein conditions. Comprehending the process’ underlying details enables patients to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their medical care. Speaking with a healthcare provider is crucial to addressing particular issues and knowing the proper course of action for each varicose vein case.

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